Technical Computing Group

El grupo de Technical Computing Group tiene abiertas las siguientes
posiciones para el área de supercomputo. Las dos posiciones son para
profesionales con experiencia en esta área.

HPC SW VAL LEAD - 746861


Join Intel in our journey to Exa-Scale on High Performance Computing
to solve some of the world’s most challenging scientific needs. The
Technical Computing Group (TCG) software engineering organization @
Intel develops and validates high performance computing software (OS/
embedded OS, device drivers, libraries, applications, tools, etc.,) for
highly parallel x86 (Linux and Windows) platforms utilizing Intel Xeon
Phi, next generation high performance interconnects and
platform-independent high performance computing software stacks.

We are seeking a Software Validation Engineer Lead for HPC SW who has
the passion for Quality for High Performance Computing (HPC) software,
passionate for solving problems at large scale system software and has
background in HPC application development/validation, Job scheduler and
parallel computing programming.

In this role, you will drive the quality of HPC Software Components
(Resource Manager, RAS, System Management, BaseOS etc.). This position
may also engage with industry partners to collaborate on joint
development and drive industry for Exa-Scale computing. [2]




Job Description: Software Validation Engineers are the core of the
quality of Intel Software Products. The Validation Engineer takes part
in a multidisciplinary team responsible for the automation, test content
design and creation as well as execution, reporting and issue debug and

Join the exciting world of Intel Xeon Phi and set the pace of the next
fastest super-computers on earth! Be a part of the High Performance
Computing ecosystem and master Linux as an embedded system and as a full
enterprise distribution. [3]

Raymundo Vázquez

TCG MIC SW Validation PM

office: +52 33 1645 2505


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