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Ciclo de Conferencias Magistrales en Computación@ITAM Otoño 2014

Laura Haas

Data, Analytics, and the Dawn of the Cognitive Era of Computing. [2]

Miércoles 12 de noviembre de 2014
18.00 a 20.00
Auditorio Raúl Baillères, Río Hondo

Abstract: We are poised on the brink of a new era of computing, one in
which computers will increasingly partner with people to improve our
lives and enhance our ability to solve complex problems.  These new
systems will feed on data and leverage a diverse set of analytic tools
and strategies, constantly learning.  In this talk, we’ll introduce
cognitive computing.  We’ll show how recent changes in the
availability of data have driven rapid advances in analytics, enabling
smarter applications, and bringing us to this new era.  We’ll
see how Watson, the Jeopardy!-playing computer, an early example of a
cognitive system, is growing up, and describe some emerging cognitive
applications that may change our world.  Last, but not least, we’ll
describe a new, cognitive chip that may change how we compute in the era
of cognitive computing.

Bio: Laura Haas is an IBM Fellow and Director of IBM Research’s
Accelerated Discovery Lab. She was Director of Computer Science at
IBM’s Almaden Research Center from 2005 to 2011, and had worldwide
responsibility for IBM Research’s exploratory science program from
2009 through 2013.  From 2001-2005, she led the Information Integration
Solutions architecture and development teams in IBM’s Software Group.
Previously, Dr. Haas was a research staff member and manager at
Almaden.  She is best known for her work on the Starburst query
processor, from which DB2 LUW was developed, on Garlic, a system which
allowed integration of heterogeneous data sources, and on Clio, the
first semi-automatic tool for heterogeneous schema mapping. She has
received several IBM awards for Outstanding Innovation and Technical
Achievement, an IBM Corporate Award for information integration
technology, and the Anita Borg Institute Technical Leadership Award.
Dr. Haas was Vice President of the VLDB Endowment Board of Trustees from
2004-2009, and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and
the IBM Academy of Technology, an ACM Fellow, and Vice Chair of the
board of the Computing Research Association.

‘Ciclo de Conferencias Magistrales en Computación’
‘Departamento Académico de Computación’
‘Ingeniería en Computación’
Departamento Académico de Computación

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Departamento Académico de Computación

Co-Director del Centro ITAM de Creatividad Innovación y Emprendimiento
(EPIC Lab)

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